The EDILSYSTEM srl system, a new and efficient system of consolidation with patent, named “MINIPALO GEO-SYSTEM®”, that appears as a valid alternative to classic minipoles.

The settlement system, deep type, made with the innovative technology “GEO-SYSTEM®”, consists of the preparation of poles with a smaller diameter for the transference of charges and connections of the superficial settlement system to the deeper soil layers; at the same time, it gives firmness to the ground under the foundations with expansion resins, and/or expansive concrete of foundation, studied and created to strengthen buildings which have suffered a base movement.

This allows an effective parallel action to the traditional interventions, with the advantage that the invasion is reduced. Currently, the technology market offers to the client who needs a terrain consolidation or who needs to remove the original foundations, two opposing possibilities: Use micropoles with the risk of the neighboring construction work (sinking and reconstruction) or inject expansion resins with polyurethane base that directly strengthen the terrain without affecting the building, but with the limit of solving superficial erosion problems with little entity.

The innovation that offers the minipole “GEO-SYSTEM®” combine the advantages of both technologies, that allows the combined use of both expansion polyurethane resins (and/or expansive concrete foundation) and steel poles with a reduced diameter. Actually, the process enables the insertion of hollow steel bars that have a high resistance, by using rupturing machines with a small diameter (also usable in garages and basements), reaching the deepest strata and the most compact of the terrain, significantly reducing the damage and the work times.


  • The possibility of using self-drilling bars with a diameter of 32 to 51 millimeters, depending on the required features;
  • the possibility of using expansive resins or concretes studied and developed for specific use in the field of civil engineering or geotechnics;
  • the possibility of easily reaching the required depth, which allows to effectively transfer the charges to the unaffected terrains that do not suffer from the seasons and weather changes, and have a very good physical and mechanical conditions;
  • the possibility of penetrating terrains and buildings of any kind and any strength;
  • use of machinery and tools with weight and use reduced, which also allows to work in areas of small dimension and/or difficult access;
  • use of just one drilling to inject resins with different characteristics (composition, density, pressure, consistency, setting rate) and in different times, depending on the characteristics of the construction work or the structure conditions and the settlement of the subsoil and geotechnics of the interested terrains;
  • possibility of injection, using the same technologies, also special concretes;
  • possibility of locating injections all over the minipole sleeve valves, studied for the case and patented;
  • continuous monitoring of all the injection parameters, which allows to reduce the undesirable lifting of the structures (surfacing, etc) and/or avoid unforeseen problems;
  • extreme flexibility to different technical and environmental requirements;
  • possibility to develop a finished calculation model to the dimension of the intervention to make.


The use of minipoles of small diameter “minipole GEO-SYSTEM®” enables to reduce the drilling dimensions, reducing the machinery size and the possible damage inside the inhabited buildings.

Size reduction of the minipoles is offset with the polyurethane resins injection in the terrain, with double composition and high resistance and/or expansive concretes adequately studied (Geo-Xp).

All the injected products fill the existing gaps giving a high compression resistance to the terrain.

The drilling has dual function.

The first section –anchor head-, is going to be injected with epoxy concrete or with another reoplastic concrete, studied for it and “MICROGROUT INJECTION ANCHOR” of rapid hardening, able to transfer the requirements of metal fixing to the pre-existent foundations (in walls), to a sufficient length to transfer the charges of the building over the minipoles.

The second section of the “minipalo GEO-SYSTEM®” is inserted in the field over a certain length depending on the limit charges established in the project and successively the polyurethane resin of double composition is injected with an expansion rate of 5/8 times the initial volume and the resistance of the compression of 30n/mmq or with the expansive concrete “Geo-Xp”, with resistance to compression in free expansion of 80-100% of its initial volume.

The choice of the injection product change depending on the type of field to consolidate, and in any case, both enable to transfer the fixing needs of the terrain, as well as to consolidate the terrain, thanks to the resistance, penetration and expansion of the materials used.

The “minipali GEO-SYSTEM®” may work in an autonomous way or connected, and even with steel platen of various shapes and dimensions (straight, with angles, etc) depending on the need, attached to the foundations with fasteners that vary depending on the support.

The coupling –slab- “minipalo GEO-SYSTEM®” is secured with steel bolts of high resistance, in order to create a cordoning over the foundation of the affected area for the intervention, avoiding eventually distinct landslide. It is possible to check each “minipalo GEO-SYSTEM®” before the final connection of the structure through temporary assignment of charges test.