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non-invasive consolidation

Anchoring concrete GEO ANCHOR

Rapid hardening anti – shrinkage rheoplastic mortar specific for Minipalo GEOSYSTEM®


Anti-shrinkage cementitious micro-mortar with high resistance to both short and long curing, rheoplastic, superfluid consistency and rapid hardening, pourable and injectable, with high-strength cements, superpozzolanic fillers, polymer modifiers, anti-shrinkage agents, selected aggregates.

Eco-friendly formulation.

Application fields

Specifically formulated for the connection of the minipole tecnology® Geosystem to the foundation / masonry of the building being consolidated; it can also be used for the consolidation and reinforcement of concrete structures and mixed masonry subject to crushing, blocking of tie rods and metal reinforcement in addition to the injection into post-stretched cable sheaths.

Method of use

Mix the product with a special continuous cycle mixer to obtain a fluid consistency mixture. The optimal water / product ratio, depending on the ambient temperature, will vary from 5 to 6 liters of clean water, for every 20 kg of product. The quantities of product to be prepared, time by time, must be defined in advance on the basis of the construction site needs and the relative application times (about 15′ from the mix). Product injection is carried out with special injection pumps.

Technical sheet

Appearance: POWDER

Color: GREY

Specific apparent weight – UNI 9446: 0,90 ±0,1 g/cm3

Mixing water: 5/6 lt x 20 kg of product

Consumption: 1,6 kg/dmc

Application temperature: +5 / +35 °C

Hazard classification 1999/45/CE – 67/548/CEE: irritating

Compressive strength MPa – EN 12190: [A1gg>50]–– [A7gg>70][A28gg>85]

Flexural strength MPa – EN 12190: [A1gg>3,5]–[A7gg>5]–[A28gg>9]

Compression secant elastic modulus Gpa – UNI 6556: 23

Adhesion to CLS MPa – EN 1542: >2

Fire resistant EN 13501-1: A1

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Use of Minipalo GEOSYSTEM®

The EDILSYSTEM srl system, a new and efficient system of consolidation with patent, named “MINIPALO GEO-SYSTEM®”, that appears as a valid alternative to classic minipoles.