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non-invasive consolidation

Ercolino 4.0

Ultra-compact machine for micropiles, tie rods and self-drilling bars (Minipalo GEOSYSTEM®)

Minipalo Geosystem Ercolino 4.0

Finally a new drilling machine was born that solves all the problems so far unsolved, suitable for work in confined spaces and ideal for renovations.

Thanks to the telescopic antenna and thanks to the carriage rotatable through 180 ° with the possibility of working also on the side, this model has great freedom of movement, in fact it can maintain maximum stability thanks to the front and rear stabilizing arms, it is built in extremely small dimensions for sites that are more difficult to access and lower in height.

Its compactness even allows you to go through the doors thanks to the wagon that can be extended from 70 to 90 cm, and work inside buildings with inter-floors of less than 200 cm.

The new ERCOLINO 4.0, at the moment, is conceived in a single version: equipped with an on-board petrol engine with electric ignition to facilitate movement and stabilization of the vehicle, it is equipped with a separate diesel control unit, which gives the possibility of also work in closed spaces.

Not only that, thanks to the great versatility of its components, this model is also perfect for carrying out tie-up work.

The drill rig is configured with a telescopic antenna that can automatically vary from 180 to 320 cm.

Equipped with a remote control (on request it can also be equipped with a remote control) it is also equipped with a simple (or double on order) hydraulic vice of new conception and reduced dimensions.

This innovative model of drilling rig can be highly customizable.

In order to best meet the needs of all customers, in fact, many options are available: different rotation heads: from the specialized one for high torque micropiles (up to 500 Nm), to the one equipped with a hammer for inserting rods self-drilling holes of type 32-38-51 mm.

The brand new machine ERCOLINO 4.0, complete with hydraulic power unit, it is available for purchase, but aware that some customers may need the equipment for a single installation or in any case for a few installations, we are able to to rent the related machine as needed, for the installation of the consolidation-anchoring system GEOSYSTEM MINIPALO TECHNOLOGY.

Minipalo Geosystem Ercolino 4.0
Minipalo Geosystem Ercolino 4.0
Minipalo Geosystem Ercolino 4.0

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Use of Minipalo GEOSYSTEM®

The EDILSYSTEM srl system, a new and efficient system of consolidation with patent, named “MINIPALO GEO-SYSTEM®”, that appears as a valid alternative to classic minipoles.