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non-invasive consolidation

Polyurethane resin for consolidations GEO MP 355

Two-component polyurethane resin specific for the injection of the Minipalo GEOSYSTEM®


Geo MP 355 is a two-component structural polyurethane resin, solvent-free specifically formulated for use with Geosystem minipalo tecnology®, with high mechanical characteristics.

Application fields

• consolidation of fractured rocks, sands, gravels and loose filling materials;

• restoration of concrete or cracked masonry structures even in the presence of water or humidity;

• sealing of water flows both on loose soils and on fractured rocks;

• filling of voids and cavities.

Features and benefits

• product indicated where rigidity or structural resistance is required.

• Geo MP 355 always acts, in the presence or not of water and this represents an indisputable advantage for those situations in which the humidity conditions of the mass to be injected are not homogeneous.

• when in contact with water the product forms a rigid foam with closed cells, while in the absence of water it gives rise to a hard and rubbery compound.

• the slow reaction favors the penetration into cracks or cracks thinner than 0.05 mm.

• the adhesion resistance on the various types of substrate is always excellent.

Application methods

Application temperature: +5 / +35 °C
Components A and B are delivered ready for use and must not be modified. They must be injected in the volumetric proportion of 1: 1 using a double pumping component injection pump, equipped with an in-line static mixer.
If the reaction occurs in free expansion, 1 liter of product produces about 3 liters of foam; if the reaction occurs in a limited space, consumption depends on the degree of confinement.

Special recommendations

The reaction and completion time of the foam seasoning is strictly dependent on the temperature of the product, on that of the medium to be injected and the water contained therein, when present. Geo MP 355 (component B) is considered irritating to the skin, eyes and respiratory tract.

Packaging and storage

Geo MP 355 is available in the following packs

Component A: taniche da 20 kg.

Component B: taniche da 24 kg.

If stored in dry conditions, in their original well-closed containers, at temperatures between 5 ° and 35 ° C, the components of the Geo MP 355 have a shelf life of 12 months.

Technical sheet

Physical properties
Viscosity mPa·s
(at +20°C)r
Density kg/dm3
(at +20°C)r
Component A
Milky yellow
Component B
Dark brown

at 15°C
at 23°C
at 30°C
Start reaction
10 min.
5 min.
3 min.
Curing time
15 min.
12 min.
10 min.
Seasoning completed
36 hours
18 hours
9 hours

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Use of Minipalo GEOSYSTEM®

The EDILSYSTEM srl system, a new and efficient system of consolidation with patent, named “MINIPALO GEO-SYSTEM®”, that appears as a valid alternative to classic minipoles.