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non-invasive consolidation

Polyurethane resin for consolidations GEO MP 355

Two-component polyurethane resin specific for the injection of the Minipalo GEOSYSTEM®


Jointing sleeve equipped with concealed valves specific for Geosystem minipole tecnology®, in steel type S 355 (reference standard UNI EN 10210-1) with size of 51 * 195 mm, equipped with intermediate stop, breaking load equal to 500 Kn , specially designed for self-drilling reinforcing bars type R38 (on request also for bars R32 – R51 – reference standard ISO 10208) with left-hand thread.

Sleeve supplied with two concealed non-return valves positioned diametrically opposite in the center line, pressure-housed in holes with a diameter of 16 mm and a thickness of 8 mm, with opening at 10 or 20 bar.

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Use of Minipalo GEOSYSTEM®

The EDILSYSTEM srl system, a new and efficient system of consolidation with patent, named “MINIPALO GEO-SYSTEM®”, that appears as a valid alternative to classic minipoles.